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February 13, 2011

Bright Future

Happy Valentines Day – or as my friend Sean calls it, Valloween. While Valentines Day is probably the least contrived of all the Hallmark Holidays its origins are still anything but sweet. And yet most of us rush out to buy gifts and useless red, heart-shaped crap to serve as proof of our love for one another. I’m lucky enough to be with someone who cares about this faux-holiday about as much as I do and, like me, would rather profess her feelings on non-designated days. That is, while we can still do so without the Card Enforcement Robots frying us.

This comic introduces a trio we’ll see more of – Captain Honcho, Sgt. Blamsky and Private Fodder. I also went a little nuts with color on this, but am not sure how I feel about it just yet. Black and white, or at least gray-scale always feels more comfortable for whatever reason.