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June 24, 2011


I had fettucini alfredo from one of my favorite restaurants. It was awesome – like macaroni and cheese for grown-ups. The next day I was all excited about having the leftovers for lunch, but after a round in the microwave it came out looking like a transporter accident. The alfredo cheese had separated into these congealed lumps of gunk surrounded in a bowl of oil. All of it just made the noodles look like tapeworms hanging out in spoiled milk. So I tossed it in the trash and had a bowl of Rice Chex for lunch instead, then pouted like a 5-year old for the rest of the day.

Edit: I just realized - a little late - that while I made the bowl in panel 3 red as a Redshirts joke, I should have made the beaver in panel 1 have a red shirt. I really have no idea why he has Kirk’s mustard-yellow instead. Maybe I secretly want to see Captain Kirk turned into goo from a transporter malfunction.