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January 26, 2012


Wise men say the last global extinction event was the result of using “guacamole” as a killing word. No one has dared to try it since.

True story – David Lynch really did say he thought “kung fu on sand dunes” would be stupid. I think it would’ve been great. Even though Lynch’s Dune wound up with a swiss-cheese plot full of extra weirdness Frank Herbert never intended, I think it was visually perfect. The book is one of my favorites and whenever I re-read it I always end up picturing Lynch’s visuals.

I tried things a little differently with this comic, namely drawing it at half the size I usually use and using new brushes for both inking and lettering. I’m not sure how I feel about the end result yet, wether it’s better or worse, but inking the smaller size felt a bit easier. Smaller originals mean I’m not reducing the image as much, which means the lines aren’t quite as clean but I think I’m OK with that. Tomorrow, I may feel completely different.