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November 27, 2012


His name is Mr. Furious, and his power comes from his boundless rage. — Mystery Men

It’s a true story. Shortly after the internet was going all sorts of crazy over Apple’s newly updated Macs I had to open my big stupid bearded mouth and proclaim, publicly, that my 6 year old MacBook Pro was just fine. I didn’t stop there though. I said it ran perfectly. Well, the cosmos heard me and decided to teach me to keep my beer hole shut. The next morning when I went to my desk, my computer was off and refused to power on. I checked the battery, the cable, even unscrewed the case to check cable connections to the motherboard… Nothing mattered. It was toast.

Thankfully, I have this handy little Mac Mini that usually sits under the TV for playing movies. I was able to plug in a clone of my MacBook Pro drive and was up and running again on the Mini… although at about 1/10th my usual speed. The Mini has saved me multiple times like this, but it’s excruciatingly slow. Especially when trying to pencil, ink or scan comics.

Instead of just rage-quitting by beating my own brains out with the Mini, I’ve decided to try using this as an opportunity. The next however-many Horde comics will be quickies. I’ll be trying to knock each one out in an hour (more likely two at this computer’s pace) and post as many per week as I can keep up with. The updated speed and frequency means I need to reach a little closer to the chest for material, which in turn means strips with more of a journal-comic tone. I’m hoping that being forced to work faster and work on more, for lack of a better term, honest writing will improve what I’m producing. It is, however, an experiment that could easily go horribly awry – just like claiming my computer was “running perfectly.”