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December 3, 2012

Guest Comic by Don Ahe

To say that I like Don Ahé’s comics is a vast understatement. His comic Road Apples Almanac is one of my continual favorites. I drool over the art and envy his style, and the world and mythology he’s built is pretty amazing. It isn’t hyperbole from me to say that Road Apples Almanac is one of the most underrated strips on the web. When I started Horde of Neurons, Don was one of the first comic creators to befriend me. Since then he’s introduced me to other great artists, given me the privilege of doing a guest strip for him, and has often been a creative sounding board and voice of encouragement. He’s a pretty awesome guy.

Last week he asked if I’d accept a guest strip from him and, needless to say, it wasn’t something I had to think about. Yes! And I love it. Columbus and Gagarin in a boat named Couturier on an unknown sea, debating the merit of each others accomplishments… !! Every pixel of this strip is made of things I really like. It’s almost scary to see how well Don knows my brain.

Here’s what Don had to say about his guest strip.