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January 24, 2017

One Day In Office

I often ask myself why I watch* the news when it just makes me angry. Of course I know the answer: I can't just put my head in a hole and pretend the outside world doesn't exist or affect me. Some people can, and I'm just not one of them. So I watch with horror and get angry, then do my best to translate that anger into motivation. And that motivation into actions and power (see, we can learn some things from Darth Vader).

Anyway, this is part of a 3-panels-a-day thing I've been doing since the start of the year. Some will be posted, but most will not. It's just a way to get me to draw even more every day, and to do it without self-imposed pressure that it has to be "good enough to post."

*I don't really watch news on tv. I read it and listen to NPR each morning, but I felt like drawing a TV for this. Or rather, I wanted to draw this sort of top-down angle, and it didn't make much sense to hang a radio or tablet from the ceiling. Then again, it would make about as much sense as floating cyborg incubators from the last comic, so...