About Horde of Neurons

HORDE OF NEURONS is a comic about weirdness, geekery and the the infinite power of friendship. Well, maybe not so much of that last part. Actually, none of that last part. All the rest though, definitely.

Don't expect things to make sense.

As the title implies, the comic is a writhing ball of partially formed thoughts prone to wild tangents and complete nonsense. If you try to make sense of it you’ll just get a headache, and that would be bad. Unless you like headaches, which would make you some sort of masochist I suppose, and would probably work in my favor as far as the comic goes.

Horde started in 2011 as an experiment. I had no set characters, no story—hell, I didn't even have a set size or medium that I planned to work in. I just wanted to make comics, and learn about exactly how I wanted to make them along the way.

In April of 2013 I put Horde on hiatus so that I could conentrate on a few larger projects. Experimenting with Horde during those first two years led to a few long-form story comics, and I really wanted to put more energy into those. Since then I've been heads-down on various other projects. Horde continues, but has no regular posting schedule. I put up comics as I make them, which may be once a week or once every few months. Just like Horde's content, the schedule is tangential.

Here's another comic thing I did:

About Me

My name is Jeff Galactic and I draw stuff. Head over to my personal site if you'd like to know more, or see my other projects.

If you're into that whole social networking thing, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram.

About This Site

I designed and coded this site from scratch using some fancy PHP and Markdown. I was pretty fed up with WordPress overcomplicating things, so I wrote a CMS just for comics. So far it's been great, and I'm working on releasing a version for others to use too.